3D render of the Flora Energy Storage Solution.

Affordable, reliable and clean energy starts here.

Our solution is available for projects that require certification starting Q4 2023.

Off-Grid Deployment
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God's Pocket Resort

Moment Energy's battery energy storage system has a total capacity of 96 kWh at God's Pocket. It reduces the resort's diesel generator usage, serving as the primary energy source for the remote microgrid.

Off-Grid Deployment
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Quadra Island

Located on a remote island in BC, there is no access to electricity at this site's property. This project was deployed in May 2021, and has been operating successfully for months.

Off-Grid Deployment
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Westlock County, Alberta

Moment’s client chose to take their house off-grid and rely on their own energy. After challenges working with lead acid batteries that are unreliable and require lots of maintenance, they decided it was time to try new technology.

Off-Grid Deployment
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Seven Sisters Falls

Moment Energy’s first pilot was in the remarkable Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Center. This project was launched in August 2020, and has shown us how capable second-life batteries are.


Energy Storage Applications

Commercial and industrial energy storage application.

Commercial & Industrial

Reduce your energy cost while contributing to our planet's health with Moment Energy’s cost-effective commercial battery energy storage systems.

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Field of solar panels.

Microgrids & Off-Grid

A safe, affordable and reliable off-grid battery energy storage system (BESS) ideal for running multiple long duration cycles per day.

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Utility energy storage application.


Increase energy reliability, safety and grid resiliency by adopting Moment Energy’s battery energy storage systems.

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