Moment Energy Announces Collaboration with Hydro Ottawa and BluWave-ai

Moment Energy announces its first end-to-end integration with Hydro Ottawa Limited and BluWave-ai to bring intelligent distributed energy resource management system capability to the distribution grid.
Moment Energy Announces Collaboration with Hydro Ottawa and BluWave-ai

Coquitlam, Canada - December 12, 2023 - Moment Energy, a leading innovator in second-life battery energy storage systems (BESS), is thrilled to announce its first ever end-to-end integration involving Hydro Ottawa Limited, a utility industry leader, and BluWave-ai, a Canadian leader in artificial intelligence (AI) enabled grid energy optimization platform to bring intelligent distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) capability to the distribution grid. This marks a significant milestone for Moment Energy as it forays into the on-grid utility space, proudly upholding its unmatched commitment to safety, performance, and sustainability.  

With Moment Energy’s BESS responding to demand response signals, the grid operator can support growing EV charging demands while minimizing the cost of infrastructure upgrades that would otherwise be needed.

This first phase of the collaboration facilitates Moment Energy and BluWave-ai to perform rigorous testing to validate operational modes like peak shaving, plus integrated communications, telemetry, and fault response. Full system interoperability testing results will be presented to Hydro Ottawa for sign-off.

Essential control and fault responses have been verified via preliminary testing, and Moment Energy engineers will closely monitor the battery energy storage units during active testing periods. BluWave-ai engineers will remotely monitor all systems, ensuring a comprehensive and safe testing environment.

"We’re excited to venture into this new partnership with Hydro Ottawa and BluWave-ai," said Cecilia Liu, Project Engineer at Moment Energy. "A comprehensive test plan was used to evaluate the end-to-end interoperability of our products over the course of multiple months. We’ve seen great results and look forward to commissioning our systems on-grid in the next stage of this partnership.”

"At Hydro Ottawa, we have pledged to build a smarter, more sustainable energy future for our customers and the communities we serve. By partnering with innovative companies like Moment Energy and BluWave-ai, we are taking an important step towards this goal," shared Guillaume Paradis, Chief Electricity Distribution Officer at Hydro Ottawa. "This project holds promise for enhancing the capabilities and resiliency of our grid in order to support the future of electrification and the energy needs of our customers."

The next stage of this landmark initiative will see Moment Energy’s Flora BESSs delivered to Area X.O, an Ottawa-based research and development complex for next-gen technology, in Q1 2024. During this phase of the project, two Moment Energy Flora BESSs will be installed behind the meter to support fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers and local building loads. Following the commissioning at Area X.O., six more units will be installed in front of the meter on the distribution grid around Ottawa.

“With our EV Everywhere product, we are working with Hydro Ottawa in order to strategically store power in Moment Energy's Flora BESS units. We can use AI to determine the best time to charge based on anticipated EV charging patterns, renewable energy production, and grid peak demand. This approach ensures smoother integration of EV charging into the smart grid, while helping to maintain grid stability and reliability.” said Alex Linchieh, P.Eng., CFA, Head of Product Management at BluWave-ai.

About Moment Energy

Moment Energy is North America's leading EV battery repurposing company, creating clean, affordable, and reliable battery energy storage systems (BESS) by repurposing retired electric vehicle batteries. It works with major automotive companies, including Mercedes Benz Energy, to support circular economy goals and ensure their batteries are safely used in second-life applications before they are recycled. We help utilities, microgrids and commercial customers improve grid reliability, power EV charging stations and reduce demand charges, all with a sustainable and performant BESS solution made from repurposed EV batteries.

About Hydro Ottawa

Hydro Ottawa Limited, a subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc., delivers electricity to approximately 359,000 homes and businesses in the City of Ottawa and the Village of Casselman. For more than a century, Hydro Ottawa has supplied its customers with clean, safe and reliable power to help build a vibrant and sustainable national capital region. As a leading partner in a smart energy future, Hydro Ottawa proudly contributes to the well-being of the community it serves through its integration of innovative and sustainable business practices, corporate citizenship initiatives, and offering best-in-class customer service.

About BluWave-ai

Founded in 2017, BluWave-ai is building the world's premier transport electrification and renewable energy AI company headquartered here in Canada’s capital of Ottawa. We are focused on driving the proliferation of renewable energy and electric transportation worldwide with SaaS based AI solutions. Our products optimize in real-time different energy sources, both renewable and non-renewable. This lets our customers – fleet operators, corporations, and utilities – improve their energy decisions for sustainability and costs. BluWave-ai has raised over $16M to date inclusive of a Series A round lead by Ontario Power Generation's Fleet Electrification subsidiary PowerON Energy Solutions and non-dilutive funding in its seed round from Sustainable Development Technologies Canada


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